iOS old vs new and whats next for iOS 13

iOS is about to get a revamp to iOS 13 in June at the worldwide developer conference and then a final release inSeptember and they may not call it iOS 13 but whatever it’s called we should see some major revisions and I wanted to take a look back at an older version on the iPhone 4s and the current version on the iPhone XS Max and see how they compare and talk about what we can expect with the next one. So, with the 4s let me flip it over here I’m running iOS 6.1.3 we’ll unlock it and will unlock the XS Max of course that design right there is much easier on the XS Max not having to put in your passcode this one doesn’t even have touch ID.

So, we’ve come a long way as far as that goes but the overall design language is basically the same we have the grid layout and the apps look very familiar however they have a different feel to them and that’s because the iPhone 4s or iOS 6 and earlier used more of a skew morphic organic design to sort of convey something that was not as familiar as what we have today with smartphones so if you take a look at this. If I pull down notifications you’ll see that the notification drawer has a linen look to it the same is true of other locationswithin the apps we’ve got this one here. So, it’s kind of the context is it’s an app within that window. If we take a look at weather today even though the information is not the same for some reason this is the weather channel this is Yahoo weather for whatever reason they’re not the same but they’re the look of them is both pretty good it’s just which design language you prefer most and some people really like the old one I still like this one a little bit better now either way it doesn’t matter they both get the job done but things like the App Store will go into it is very different and I like this App Store better. So, they’ve made some changes along the way over the years you’ll see there’s top charts here and they’re loading and it’s still very fast and fluid and most people remember the iPhone of the older iPhones with iOS 6 and earlier as being very stable with a good battery life in fact at this time the battery life on iPhones easily outpaced that of Android unless they had a massive battery in them.

So, things like the settings there is no battery setting like we have today in this one to see what the battery health and all that it is but battery life would easily get you through a day once we got to the four showever it wasn’t as good as things as people remember like we can get easily through all day and sometimes a day and a half or more with something like the XS Max the screen obviously is going to use more power but overall this was incredibly stable especially in its 6th revision and since we’re six years later with this one we’re pretty much stable but not anywhere near what this was in my opinion this is more stable but it doesn’t do as much either so the speed of it is still pretty impressive. So, again you saw open the App Store and it’s kind of the same as far as that goes the same goes with weather let’s open a web browser see what happens here and we’ll scroll scrolling is smooth on both we can pinch to zoom I guess I can’t on my website but you can pinch to zoom on them and the overall feel is nice and fast and Apple has controlled the speed of animations on the new ones so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s slower here it’s just got similar animations. So, we’ll open the camera you’ll see we’re already quickly here but it’s not that far behind here which is really impressive for the day and then again. If we go into something like iTunes see it comes right up and it’s pretty fast some of that has to do with the Wi-Fi capability here not being as fast as say what we have here and there’s a little bit of stutter but stability overall was great the task management has changed greatly though if we go here you’ll see that’s how we managed it before tap and hold and thenclose your different apps. If you want to do that one by one you still do it here today with this but you just swipe them off and it’s easier now there’s a few things I miss on the old OS. If I was to use this regularly and that has to do with airdrop airdrop is something that I use constantly I use it every single day for example when I want to share something share something from my phone to my Mac and back and forth or to an iPad or to another phone I use that all the time and with the older version of iOS it’s just not there you can’t swipe up there’s not the same control over the OS now also I miss 3d touch which I know a lot of people don’t really care about but it’s something I use regularly and then also things I miss on the old version are things like cover flow and things like that with the photos let’s see. If we can go to the camera roll there’s not a whole lot here but. If I go in the camera roll the camera roll just when you had that pinch on the iPad I don’t have an example of that when you had the pinch on the iPad where you could go into the different albums that’s something I really thought was kind of meat on the iPad itself and then of course. If you go here and then rotate it’s just very fast still and feels much more fluid most of the time on here than it does on here but this is a little bit faster in most things and of course has all the modern apps that we don’t get elsewhere.

If we go here into the clock you’ll see everything just opens nice and fast and it just has a little bit different design language so the alarm stopwatch or bedtime on this one stopwatch and timer they’re all very familiar but this one I just there’s something about it that I miss I don’t know about you but I’d love to hear what you think about that now let’s talk about what’s next what’s next is probably a dark mode. So, I know a lot of people are looking forward to that they want a dark mode throughout the OS that’ll save battery on all that displays and then also other people are going to want split screen multitasking that would be nice watch a video up here and then down here maybe you’re you were doing something else checking email things like that and then beyond that a full redesign to the icons and maybe we can put the icons where we want I think we’re at a maturity level where you’re not going to see any major revisions at this point just improvements to efficiency and ease of use but the hardware is just very solid in this old one it was nice and easy to change the battery not. So, much to change the screen but everything’s nice and solid and I think we’ll see this squared off edge in future iPhones since they did that with the iPads it’s something I miss it’s easier to hold on to and feels more solid over time let me know what you think do you think we’ve kind of reached maturity is it sort of like the other video I made with the iPhone design is it kind of at a level where it just is what it is and it’s going to improve incrementally at this point or do you think we’ll see some major changes with the next version of iOS what do you think in the comments below I almost wish they go back to this we had drop shadows and a little bit more organic look maybe we’ll get something in between it’s hard to say but the totally flat design is not something I was over a huge fan of I think it’s okay but some of the icons such as photos I like but some of the others I don’t like at all. 

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