Apple Change This in 2019

 in 2019 I would like to see Apple change a few things. So, this is the first episode of Apple please change this in2019 and the first thing we’re going to talk about is battery management and battery health and here we have an older version of iOS this is iOS 6 and this is how they used to handle it back with this version of iOS.

So,. If we go to settings you’ll see we don’t even see a percentage there back in the day we would go to settings then we would go to general then we would go to usage and if we scroll down you’ll see here is battery percentage we can turn it on or off and here is our usage 5 hours and 44 minutes 7 hours and 42 minutes that is all we got as far as information and percentage. So, that wasn’t. So, great then as we moved on to iOS 7 and 8 and 9 and 10 and even 11. If we go to settings and go to battery you’ll see I have crazy usage since last charge I’m not sure why it’s calculating this way but this is iOS 9 on an iPhone 6 plus so this is crazy for some reason that’s just I just turned it on. So, this is definitely not accurate but still this is the only information we got now with the latest versions of iOS they’ve changed this a little bit. So, here we have a 6s plus and a 10s Mac’s running the same thing. If we go to settings and then we scroll down to battery you can see now we’ve got more information andthis is good the part I want to see them change is battery health. So, you’ll see this one was just turned on we can get similar results here. If we go down to battery and again on the 10s Macs we’ve got our full usage and this is kind of nice screen on time gives us more accurate information although they need to change this first thing in is 13 or maybe with an update we would like to see actual 24 hours not including charging cycles of what we get for screen on time. So, that’s the first thing the next thing is battery health you’ll see I have 86 percent on this device and 100 percent on this one this will climb over time it’s just because I turned it on and I need to charge it a little bit this will actually go back and remeasure it and will probably be higher than this on my 6s plus but what you’ve got here issomething that is really concerning or almost freaking a lot of people out because they’ll see their brand new iPhone 10’s max after six months start to drop with maximum capacity and while this is normal for batteries to degrade this is something people especially Apple users do not want to see we want to see what the actual battery is as far as good and bad we don’t necessarily want to see it as far as its percentage because this causes alarm and concern Apple has always been about simplicity and a calm kind of calming feeling usingtheir devices sense of security whether that’s false or not is up to you but they’ve also always been about just simplicity and that is not simple this is something that I get emails on every single day or comments of I’ve reached 98% should I get my battery replaced is there a problem there’s not a problem it’s normal but there needs to be maybe even. If if we shouldn’t show it at all maybe we should have a not good medium or great or something like that a different status is really what I’m going for here and that’s what I would like to see this one iOS 6 was not enough information Nora was iOS 9 10 and 11 but with 12 they gave us a lot of information with not as great context no understanding of how this actually works and battery health that just doesn’t make sense.

So, I would love to see Apple change this in 2019 with the next version of iOS or maybe even an update of iOS 12 I would love to hear what you have to say about this in the comments below though that’s kind of what I’m going for I really hope they make this a little more clear with the next update and fix this to either completely remove it make it good or bad or just say some sort of meter as to good or bad it’s just too concerning andthose percentages can shift with different updates every time it measures it as far as accuracy I don’t believe it’s accurate 

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