So far, Samsung has revealed very little information about its new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4. A few days ago, the company announced in shape that the Galaxy S3 would come with a metal structure and reflective (perhaps curved) screen. Samsung has hidden its design and other features.

  But today, German telecom operator T-Mobile has released a partial picture of the Galaxy S3 on Twitter on a status. This is a picture taken from one side of the phone. It showcases the curved design of the phone, physical buttons and camera lens.

  Galaxy s6 teaser img2

  Meanwhile, The Verge wrote, the front of the Samsung Galaxy S4 device will look like the Galaxy Note Edge. Staying with all the amazing stuff.

  In a recent blog post, Samsung’s head of R&D (research and development), Dongan Jung, said that the flagship phone of 20 (Galaxy S3) would be something that a user could do everything. In any case, there will be a system of taking beautiful pictures. The user only has to press the shutter button. Cameras will do the rest.

  Galaxy s6 teaser img3

  For many years, we have seen that Samsung makes its camera step better than the step. Image quality has been improved on the latest Galaxy Note 4. Apart from the picture quality on the Galaxy S line, it is worthwhile to try to develop a megapixel scale. Samsung is also gearing up to self-meet demand which will further enhance their front-facing camera.

  Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 1 March.

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