mi note xiaomi 34325

  All units of Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro Android smartphones were sold in just 5 minutes. As soon as the device started selling on Tuesday, all the units of its first batch were sold. However, Xiaomi did not say how many devices were sold.

  In early January of this year, Xiaomi CEO Li-Jaan said the company’s pre-tax sales reached 5% to 24.5 billion with 20%.

  5 million smartphone shipments from Chinese company Xiaomi were made on 21st of the world. The company is positioned in the China market after Lenovo and Huawei. It is currently the third smartphone manufacturer in the world. Prior to this, there was only Apple and Samsung.

  The Mi Note and Mi Note Pro have a 5.5-inch screen. The Mi Note Pro device has a 2K display and 3p full HD screen in the standard version.

  Let’s know more information about device two

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