Company CEO Tim Cook says that Apple Watch is coming to market in April. The lowest price of Apple Watch will be $ 5. There are two sizes in 5 different bands and in 5 categories – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sports and Apple Watch Gold Edition.

  Apple has officially announced the making of a smartwatch, putting an end to all rumors and speculation, which ran for two years at a special event held in Cupertino on September 7 last year. That day, the tech giant called the smart watch an ‘Apple Watch’. This is the first invention of the ‘Apple Watch’ digital watch company after the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

  Previously known as the ‘iWatch’ in various rumors and predictions, the device eventually became known as the ‘Apple Watch’; The watch will come in two different sizes (8 mm and 12 mm) and three looks. These are wrapped in Apple Apple Watch ‘, Watch Apple Watch Sports’ and Gold Apple Watch Gold Edition’ 1 carat gold.

  The screen of the Apple Watch is made by stain-resistant sapphire crystal and the display is of retina quality. The device includes a gyroscope, accelerometer, heart-rate sensor, tapic engine (input sensor), voice assistant software series, maps, photo apps, remote controllers, Walktech, Apple Pay payment system, wireless charging, etc.

  To use the Apple Watch, it has to be connected to the iPhone wirelessly. It provides WiFi and GPS access to the iPhone. The device supports iPhone 5, 5S, 8C and 5, 5 Plus.

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