Techniques of Becoming a Good ListenerDeveloping Connectivity and Behaviour in Career Building
wants to be an attentive listener, of course one should have interest, be settled mentally and physically.
Speaking Eye to Eye In our country many think that it is unmannerly to speak or to listen eye to eye to the elders. But in the case of listening to anything attentively, eye communication is very important. The listener can guess many things looking at the eyes of the speaker and build up mental communication entering into the depth of the matter. As a result, listening becomes meaningful. Not Speaking During Others’ Talking When someone speaks, we should not speak. If we speak during the time of someone’s speaking, we shall not listen to him clearly neither does he listen to us. So, to be an attentive listener, we shall build up a habit of listening attentively, keeping silent when the others will speak. At the end of one’s words, another one will speak If we make these means as part of our behaviour by regular practice, we will be good listeners. It is very important to be a good listener in achieving success in life, especially in service.
Activity How would your behaviour be in the case of listening attentively to the others? Explain.

Personal Behaviour Personal behaviour is very important for establishing effective relation. The importance of personal behaviour is undeniable in achieving success in career. But what does personal behavour really mean? Personal behaviour is the expression of our emotion, feelings and sentiment. If we want to succeed in service, our personal behaviour will be refined; our personal behaviour will be such that it will not only be acceptable to the others but also claimant of praise. Let’s judge a situation – Case Study: Hasan Ali works in a non-government development organization as a field supervisor. His responsibility is to monitor the activities of fieldworkers and to coordinate their activities. Once an allegation of corruption was raised against a fieldworker. Being informed of the corruption. Hasan Ali justified its truth. As the allegation was proved, he called upon the fieldworker and asked him to explain why he had committed the corruption. The convicted
fieldworker started telling about his want and many problems with importunities. Hasan Ali without being overwhelmed by emotion took serious step against the convicted person. As a result, no other field worker or worker got involved in any corruption. It resulted in spreading Hasan Ali’s fame as an honest officer as well as the image of the organization became bright. If he did not take serious action against the corrupted worker, he would get involved in more serious corruption. As a result the image of the development aiding organization was lessened as well as local people would become the victim of loss. It is about service life. But before entering into service life, refined practice of emotion, feelings and sentiments is necessary. Emotion It is a kind of emotion that we love our country very deeply. Again, we like something very much or dislike intensely, that is also a kind of emotion. Emotion is very meaningful for keeping human race and so our individuality. Emotion controls our relation and interaction with the people around us in real life. Emotion is generally short term. But if any matter is related to real life or based on philosophy, in that case emotion related to that matter lasts long. Our mutual relation is coupled with emotion. How our relation with our parents, brothers and sisters, friends or colleagues is that depends much on how our emotional attitude towards them is. In workplace emotion becomes very important especially when we work together in group. In workplace sense of mutual respect, compassion, belief, reliance, etc. are dependent on emotional attitude. Every man has emotion. Sometimes, man becomes happy, leaps in joy. Sometimes he gets excited, sometimes he becomes sad, keeps grudge, and again sometimes, he becomes agitated. The means of expressing man’s joys and sorrows are called emotion. Emotion is man’s special mental condition. The expression of man’s mental condition mixed with his sense is called emotion. Emotion has both good and bad sides. Positive emotion helps a man develop himself whereas negative emotion leads him to destruction. So there is necessity to control emotion. People having emotion cannot accept logic. Analyzing both good and bad sides and ignoring the importance of own loss or gain, if one controls one’s emotion logically, it is called emotion control. i.e. without being overwhelmed with emotion, if we behave rationally, it is called emotion control.

we must control our emotion. To control harmful emotions like fear, anger, malice, envy, despair etc. We need self confidence and continuous practice. We should never be pensive. We have to keep in mind that childhood and boyhood ate the most beautiful period of life. At this time no one has to bear heavy burden for responsibility. Therefore, we have to fully concentrate on studying. If time is available, we should read some good book besides our textbooks. We have to go for outing, take part in games and sports. We should express our troubles and problems to our parents. Anger, envy, fear, frustration are various manifestations of emotion. The ways of controlling these types of negative of harmful emotion. The ways of controlling these types of negative or harmful emotions are given below: 1. To identify the real cause of anger, fear of frustration; 2. To take action to remove the cause/causes; 3. To discuss the matter freely with reliable relatives, near ones, teachers and
friends; 4. To follow the suggestions of reliable people who love themselves; 5. To have firm determination to get rid of fear of frustration; 6. To bear in mind that nobody likes an angry or hot-tempered man. Controlled emotion makes like beautiful, enjoyable. To be guided by excessive emotion may cause many troubles. Therefore, it is very important to control emotion

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