‘. Influence of Empathy in Career Development By showing compassion the opportunity of coming closer to each other is created. As a result we can know the condition about the allied man. about the real condition of a man, it becomes easy to behave accordingly with him in workplace. By showing compassion, we are familiar with the inner man of the man. All respect him, honour him and he gets a status to the others. His personality and originality are developed by all these. If once the compassion is shown to anyone, a kind of relation develops with him and he tries to remember it. Afterwards if that person falls into any problem in service life or real life, on the ground of former connection with the related man, there is scope of getting his assistance.
Activity: Write an essay on ‘How each one will be compassionate to the others’.
Role of Gender Sensitivity in Career Building Gender sensititivity plays the prior role in all spheres of life. Its influence is more in work place in our country. The condition is that man and woman will work equally in workplace and get equal opportunities. It is the condition but the reality is different. If gender sensitivity is maintained in workplace ignoring the priority of a special gender in appointment of workers, distribution of works, training, suitable environment, dividing duties and power, participation in the process of taking decision, benefits and honour, and evaluation of workers, priority will be given to merits, labour, skills and loyalty, If gender sensitivity is maintained in family, school, society or workplace, mutual respect, amity, reliance increase. Work environment becomes congenial. All can work according to their respective skills and competency. Analyzing and Creative Thinking Skills If any incident occurs, the curious man tries to find out the reasons of that incident. Explaining that incident from several angles, he tries to come to a decision. Man’s effort to find out the reason is his analyzing power. When various detective branches or law enforcing agencies investigate any incident, they come to a decision by using this analyzing skills. Analyzing skills play an important role in taking decision at various levels in man’s life. Creative thinking skills are the combination of talents, attitude and self -confidence. It is never possible to do anything as directed previously and systematically. Skills of thinking newly or differently about anything are called creative thinking skills. The statement “Think out of the box” is meaningful about creative thinking. i.e. Skills
Steps to Analyze of thinking out of customary

  1. Collection of information framework are creative thinking skills.
  2. Knowing the account of the incident Steps to Analyze For analyzing any matter, first
  3. Entering into the depth of the incident necessary information about that
  4. Analyzing the data from various sides matter will be collected. Then the
    and angles account of the matter or incident will be known. After knowing the
  5. Taking decision account of the incident, we will
    It is an important matter to take decision in doing any work. In fact, every work starts with decision making process. If someone suffers from hesitation whether he will do the work or not, whether it will be good or not, it is called indecision. Getting over the situation and keeping good and bad in consideration, proper and right decision is to be taken. Considering goal and aim of any work, the power to do right work in due time is called decision making ability. Problem Solving Process
    Problem Solving Process At the starting the problem we are facing, 1. Analyzing the problem the problem will be analyzed. Explaining the problem from various sides, a primary 2. Inquiring about cause and idea of it will be taken. Then it will be source inquired about why the problem has occurred and from where this problem has 3. Collecting and analyzing
    information originated. Detailed information about the problem will be collected. Information
    on 4. Developing possible solution needs to be collected by observation, and from faithful and reliable sources. After 5. Determining suitable solution collecting information, these will be analyzed and the problem will be brought to 6. Executing the solution a solvable process. After analyzing all data, uporams 0 Wall, son possibIe Decision Making Process solution will be developed

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