Time of doing work Maximum Important and to do right now. Important but not to do right now.
(Decide when to do it.) Not important but to do right now. Not important and not to do right now. Minimum (Hand over someone.)
Role of Time Management in Career Building
Time management is very important in a learner’s life. It changes the directions of the learner’s life. Proper use of time gives him instructions for future life. Those, who are devoted to time, go far ahead in life. Time management makes a learner loyal to time. To remain firm to the goal is an important matter for career. By time management and because of the habit of doing time-bound work in time, a learner is not deviated from his goal. By time management a learner can identify in his career which will be given preference prior to any work. So the rate of success increases. Time management keeps us ahead of others. By doing right work at right time we never fall behind in work. For
proper use of time if we commit any mistake, there is opportunity to rectify. Successful career can be built up easily through ensuring right and proper use of time by time management. It is to be remembered, ‘time and tide waits for
Activity: Make each one a list of your own works of the coming one week following time management model of Stephen Covey.
Skills of Using Technology From the beginning of creation man did all works with his own hands. Starting from every day works even man also delivered letters. Gradually man started thinking how any work would be done easily and quickly. Making the proverb a success that necessity is the mother of invention, man gradually started inventing all such things and methods of works that lessened man’s mental and physical labour at a large scale. Various tools and methods of works invented for many man’s work easy and for completing the works quickly are called technology. It is tough to say definitely on what day, where and when the technologies originated. When man started inventing any method or tools for making his work easy, technology came into existence. Making spear for hunting animals by men or inventing fire with dry wood is acknowledged as the primary stage of inventing technology. But the technologists think that technology, in fact, has been invented since the birth of modern science. In a word, technology is some technical devices which man uses for the development of his surroundings. Knowledge about any tool and natural element and the ability to use it skillfully are also called technology.
Importance of Using Technology There are many works which need much time to do. Any work is done very easily with the help of technology. For example, in the past it needed much time to husk paddy and now much paddy is husked in short time. As a result man’s labour is lessened, much time is saved. Again, previously it was a very hard work to ascertain the results of the examination, now in a moment results are prepared with computer. Now it is possible to work correctly with the help of technology. By researching from thousands of data, reports are prepared correctly with the help of computer. It is possible to know the result of any work instantly with the help of technology. As for example – now the result of
the admission test of the university is published just after the day of the test. This is a great example of the success of technology. Skills of Using Technology We will have detailed idea about what technology is, how to use technology, where technology is possible to use, which tool what function, how the tools work. At present there is fear among many with the use of technology. This fear with the use of technology will be got over and technology will be used with interest. The use of technology will be started with self-confidence, otherwise it is not possible to acquire skills in using technology. So, if necessary, proper and requisite training will be received for acquiring its skills. Using Technology in Career Development At present using technology is one of several key skills in career development. As day by day knowledge and science is expanding, all things become dependent on technology. Now, from the household chores to the state level almost all works are done with technology. The works of collecting and submitting admission form of different educational institutions, depositing money, knowing the results of examinations, etc. are being done by internet. If the learners have the skills of using technology, they will be able to do the tasks without the help of the others. Besides, day by day the use of technology is being increased in all places and levels of service. Applying for job, sitting for examination, buying tickets for travelling by bus, train, air etc. are being done with the help of technology. So, there is no alternative to gaining skills of using technology in career building, Mathematical skills
A daily account is one of the important parts of several close subjects related to human life. Man is to do various calculations in every stage, level, and daily activities of life. This trend of accounts has been running from the beginning of civilization. This trend of accounts of man is in literary term called mathematical skills. Mathematical skills or mathematical knowledge is to use general idea of mathematics in various levels of life. The man having mathematical knowledge can satisfy easily the necessities of accounts in daily or overall life. Ability of counting numbers, addition and subtraction, keeping accounts, understanding measurement, understanding of measuring land, understanding statistics, etc are the examples of mathematical skills. There are
In many times in service we come across some statistical works which are not possible to finish without mathematical skills. For this reason mathematical skills are given importance for well development of career, Aesthetic Attitude Bangla word ‘Nandonik’ has come from “Nandan’ which means to get pleasure from that or to give pleasure with that. As the source of pleasure is beauty, the other meaning of the word “Nandan’ is beauty. And the meaning of ‘Nandonik is beautiful. In doing any work, doing it beautifully, neatly and which appears beautiful in the eyes, that is called aestheticism. This aestheticism may be applicable to art as well as to poetry. Even aestheticism exists starting from minor work of everyday life to massive work of the state. Aesthetic attitude does not merely mean recognizing or identifying beauty. The sense, outlook and mentality of doing the work beautifully, making the work done beautifully and presenting beautifully, is called aesthetic attitude. Importance of Aesthetic Attitude Everyone is the worshipper of beauty. It is to know aestheticism and the attitude should be aesthetic if we want to judge the beauty of anything, to feel pleasure from beauty. It is to judge the beauty as beauty is not possible for him who is not aesthetic in attitude. If the attitude is aesthetic, one can get mental satisfaction and the work can be done with pleasure. Role of Aesthetic Attitude in Career Building
There is another kind of importance to do work beautifully because beautiful work is liked by all. If the hand writing of an examinee is arranged neatly and the presentation is beautiful in examination scripts, the teacher considers him especially. That learner gets more marks in comparison to the others only due to beauty. Aesthetic attitude plays an important role in career development. If a learner does his bestowed works neatly and beautifully, teachers, classmates and the others become devoted to him and get ready to help him. In the same way if anyone can show his sense of beauty in his work in service, he is considered differently in comparison to the others and his honour and dignity remains very high, Everyone wants intimacy with him and loves him.
Group Work Getting into small group identify the means of gaining aesthetic attitude

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