Let’s work and not talk.
  Well you use WiFi? But good service (speed and safety) is not getting, so!
  I am getting a lot of service but I

  Well the use of WiFi Net is just a few extra benefits, right?
  Such as: great speed, low cost
  And the difficulty ….
  There is no news of load shedding of Bangladesh. Even then, I would say that broadband is the best. At least if your Internet Service Provider is a gentleman, you can run the Net quite calmly.

  Now I’ll come directly to the main words.
  Do you know
  The way you use your WiFi router, it is possible to enjoy even more benefits at present.

  I will give you 10 suggestions for this.
  To understand them, try the router, if there is a bit more speed and security than the current.

  Keep your router firmware updated:

  Always use the updated router. In the long run, your internet service provider will let you own your own router. Which may be the reason behind being too distraught. So buy a router, listen to your wishes.

  Keep Convenient Router in a convenient location:
  The router will be placed in a place where almost all cell signals can be reached evenly.

  ✴ Use strong password:
  When you use a strong password, no one can use your net line.
  As well as secure net service.

  ✴ WiFi Channels:
  Always use the right WiFi channel.
  Most service providers use 2.4 GHz, which can not be right for everyone.

  : Disconnect old devices:
  This means, when no device is used, then disconnect it from WiFi router.

  ✴ Speed ​​test:
  From time to time, the Ping Test can test the speed of your regular internet. And for that you have to go to this site- http://www.pingtest.net/
  If you get less speed, then you can solve the problem by complaining to the internet service provider.

  ✴ Restart:
  For a long time, your router will hang on. And suddenly the motion disappeared or the net line was cut. Do nothing in this situation.
  Just close your router once or restart it.

  ✴ Many router usage:
  Many times, your floor space is quite large and the router you buy can not cover the entire floor, so that your net speed is very low. In this case, you can set another router and set it in the other corner of the room.

  Keep away from the same signal device:
  Remember that there are some common electronic devices in your watch, which use the same gigaharger (2.4).
  Such as: TV, cordless phone, microwave oven etc.
  And if you set the router to the same device, the router will usually be interrupted by its own signal.

  Na Antenna:
  Try on the basis of the need to buy the antenna with the router. And if you want to replace the old router’s antenna, you can adjust the new, large or more advanced antenna.
  To do this, you need to contact the nearest Router Shop.

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