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  If you have not been hiding in a cave since the last few years, you would have heard the word e-commerce. We do not know exactly when people first started trading things. It is possible to use the coins of the first metal, then using paper money to buy anything. But today things have changed with thinking; There is a business system to buy things that do not buy anything from coins or paper money. Just sit with your computer or mobile, select things on the screen, click a few, enter a credit card or debit card number and wait for the product to arrive at your door. This online-based store, which has simplified consumer life, has opened a whole new prospect of secondhand business-to-profit. So let’s know its details, and how it works.

  Before going into a detailed discussion about e-commerce, we should think about old commerce or business. Understanding general business Understanding e-commerce will not be difficult. We generally understand the business, offer a product or service in exchange for money. Wherever there is money, there is trade around us, but they are expanded in millions of different ways. Suppose you went to a grocery store to buy something, then you bought some products and paid the money and brought the product together; In this way you have participated in a part of the business. Suppose that you made a hand made bag and sat in front of your house with the bags you had sold; In this way you have participated in commerce. If you wake up every morning and go to the office to make a product, then it also falls in commerce. Therefore, I can understand from the examples how many forms of commerce can be.

  No matter how many forms of commerce, all things are common but there are some common issues. If you want to succeed in a business, then there are three things that are necessary, the buyer, the seller and the manufacturer. Buyers are those who buy products or services with money. Sellers provide products or services to buyers, while many vendors sell products to small sellers, and sell them directly to buyers. Producers produce products or services so they can reach these customers. Manufacturers are also a type of seller, they sell products to big sellers or they can distribute the product to buyers themselves.

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  A simple example; Remember the popcorn side of the road, that he sells himself popcorn. So she is a commerce, producer and seller, and if you buy popcorn, then the buyer is hopeful that this topic is now completely clear.

  Online shopping ecommerce

  E-commerce is also focused on the main issues of commerce. There are also requirements for buyers, dealers and manufacturers of products or services. But the whole thing from ordinary commerce to e-commerce is a bit difficult. After going to the normal store, after taking a product, the product comes out with cash in hand but in e-commerce, you will not be able to get the product right away, as long as the product does not come from your e-store Is sent. If you do not have a hand with the product, then this is a problem, but there are some issues with e-vendors or online retailers. First of all, it has to process the online transaction of money, the second is to verify that the product you ordered is in stock and the product has to be arranged to reach your exact address.

  In addition to buyers, vendors and product manufacturers, there are three main items in e-commerce; A web server, which is connected to the bank computer to manage the online store and complete the transaction, is a database system; Which is always on stock by the stock and when someone orders it, the number of items from the database automatically decreases, and a dispatching system that is directly connected to the warehouse so that the order is successful as soon as the customer is successful Can be delivered soon.

The first of these three things is essential for e-commerce. Many small e-commerce traders handle databases and dispatch systems manually. They usually run a website in which the customer orders the product and then they are manually controlled.

  How does e-commerce work?
  Come, see closely how the whole e-commerce system works. But all sites that do not work at all as described below

  First of all, you have your internet enabled computer or mobile and you want to load your favorite e-commerce website in the browser. You can always serve web pages by contacting your browser’s site.
  Check the order manager program database, whether the product has stock or not.
  The database ensures that the product is in stock and determines the delivery date according to the seller.
  Since the product is on stock, the order manager communicates with the transaction system, cutting the bill with a credit card or debit card. To check whether the system has enough money in the customer’s account by contacting the bank’s computer again.
  If the bank is getting permission from the computer, the transaction will move forward, but the site does not get instant money, it will have to wait a few days.
  After the transaction is successful, the system notifies the web server.
  The web server showed a page to the customer, its order was successful, and more information about the bill.
  Order managers now request the warehouse computer to distribute the product correctly to the customer’s address.
  Now your product goes to your address by truck.
  Once you have left the warehouse, you will be given detailed information by sending it to your email address from the warehouse’s computer.
  Finally, the product comes in front of your door.
  Withdrawing cash in cash as well as credit card has become a popular payment instrument. This reduces your risk as a buyer and the site does not have to deal with the problem of trading systems. Not all e-commerce companies have a warehouse, but they do not carry goods on their vehicles, most e-commerce sites in Bangladesh use courier services to deliver goods.

  How to Start Your Ecommerce Business?
  To start an e-commerce business, you first need a website. And the design of your website determines how successful or disappointing your virtual store will be. Design does not mean that your site will be very interesting to see; Your site should be user-friendly so that a person can easily find their favorite product, your site should be reliable, the site should be 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week should be accessible and faster pages will load.

  Nowadays it’s easy to create and design e-commerce sites, it is possible to create a site within a few hours. Many companies sell redeemed site templates, which are very few. You can also scale the web server as per the requirement. If you wish, you can improve your own trading system to accept online payments, and you can confirm the transaction using PayPal or other payment gateway services. Again, there are some big sites like Amazon, a small version of their site helps you to get on your site, after which you can make some commission after selling the product.

  Another factor to start a successful online business is choosing “appropriate domain name”. Your domain name should be selected with your service, and of course select the name that can easily be missed. Such as cat.com, food.com, caulbriki.com etc. However, some of the most successful e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. have proven that successful service can be done without matching your service and website name.

  If you want to sell your own products, but you have to have links with other vendors and producers to sell many types of products. As buyers come to buy some products on your site, many vendors also come to sell the product on your site. Now you have to be marketing to make sure these customers and sellers find your site and identify your site. If someone does not know your site, you will not be able to sell any product. There are several ways to do online marketing. If you want to advertise on Facebook or Google, you can advertise your site on your favorite or appropriate popular site, so people will be notified about your online store.

You must have several transactions to make money transactions. Not everyone has a credit card or debit card system, so mobile banking or cash-on delivery should also be provided. In some cases the buyer does not like the product even after buying, so the method of returning the product should be made. Some time when the product does not reach the buyer or breaks, then they will have to arrange a refund or refund. To solve customer problems or answer different questions, customer support should be created. You can also give customer support online, but you can also be given customer support by establishing a call center. In addition, with the help of honesty and devotion, establishing a trustworthy relationship with the customer is very important.

  Last word
  Hopefully today’s article will work for those who want to start a new e-commerce business, as well as you also know how this system works. There are some disadvantages in many advantages of buying online, for example, it may be late in finding favorite products, prices may be high, new sites can not be easily trusted, and due to the popularity of online shopping, offline Or the local market is declining.

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